ChooseFI Travel Rewards 101

Your Shortcut to Traveling Better for Less Money Using Travel Rewards

You've optimized your living expenses. Now crush your travel costs.

If you love visiting new places, but have had to cut back because travel expenses aren’t great for your Financial Independence journey, you’ll like what we’re about to drop.

What if, by being intentional, you and a companion could fly to Honolulu for a week for less than $150, hotel included?

Or, for just under $200, you jet off on a solo slow travel adventure to Sydney, Australia and Tokyo, Japan in business class round trip, complete with great in-flight service and lie-flat seats?

Both are real examples of why we think travel rewards are the best way to travel the world for nearly free, and we show you how in the very first lesson of the ChooseFI Travel Rewards 101 course for beginners.

If you want to build your savings rate and travel memories with the people you love, you need to take this free course. Sign up below!

Caution: If you are paying down a student loan or consumer debt, you should wait until you’ve crushed those before starting with Travel Rewards.  

Crush Your Travel Costs

Travel More. Spend Less. Enjoy the Journey. We'll show you how.

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